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Ladder FAQ


  1. How often do I play?

    1. Each person will be set up for at least 10 matches.

  2. I don’t see my name in the first two groups. Am I playing?

    1. Not everyone is in the first two groups. Everyone on the roster has matches - yours may be in later groups.

  3. How are standings in the Ladder calculated?

    1. Each player will have a calculated average points scored (APS). Won points divided by all points. So if you win 11-7, 11/18=61% 

  4. Do we play 15 point games or 11? First to 15 (or 11) or win by 2? Do we add game scores for a match or just total wins?

    1. Play to 11.

    2. Win by 2

    3. Please report scores for each game. 

      1. Example: if you and your partner win a game 11-8, you each will report 11. Your opponents will record 8. 

  5. How do I schedule games?

    1. Players in each match are responsible for contacting their match partners to arrange a time for the match.

  6. How long will the Ladder last?

    1. The Ladder will last until all the matches are completed. With 12 groups of matches, we expect it will take approximately two months, but depends on how quickly games are scheduled and completed.

Ladder FAQ

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