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Public courts are a shared space!

When all courts are in use (including Chalked Courts with any temporary nets), and there are players waiting for court space:


Rotate waiting play onto all courts as games end.

  • If your group is playing “open“ please invite the waiting players to join 

  • 1 to 4 players at a time, as appropriate.

  • If your group is playing as a “closed” group, 

    • rotate off and back on after each game in your turn.

  • if you have brought your own net please realize that the above rules still apply to the public court space you are playing on. 

    • (thank you for sharing your net)

  • If you are a “single” waiting player feel free to join as you are invited to play with groups that are playing "open".  

  • if you are a “group” waiting to play please follow the above rules.


Please be respectful of everyone’s rights to play!

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