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You may have heard of our Fall 2021 Ladder.  It’s an experiment. 


Our intent?

  • Make new friends/playing partners

  • Build a system (sign up, scheduling, play and score keeping) that can be easily reproduced

  • Challenge our pickleball community’s skills 


Our experiment is testing things such as:

  • Interest. Do people want to play?

  • Process. 

    • Can 

      • games be scheduled and organized without impeding court use

      • We create matches that will allow all players to compete with each other at least once

      • Can we keep track of scores and report them in a timely manner


So far, we’ve found:

  • We quickly filled the 28 ladder slots

  • After a learning period we have managed to schedule and complete 39 games out of a planned 246 games

  • Matches are being completed almost daily

  • Most of the ladder spreadsheet is working well with adjustments being made along the way

  • Everyone is having fun, playing and meeting people.




Check out the very preliminary rankings below.


We look forward to finishing this first round and shaking out the bugs so that we can create on-going ladders of all skill levels and categories.