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The “Ladder” is done!


Happy holidays all,

Between the weather and busy holiday schedules the “commissioners” decided to end this first competitive “ladder.” In reality it wasn’t a ladder at all, but rather a 28 person round robin. The group completed 279 games in total, which is pretty cool. Congratulate yourselves. 🙂


Our goals at the outset were:

  1. Get lots of people playing together, especially people who had not played together before

  2. Develop a scoring system and automated calculator 

  3. Train participants to schedule their own games

  4. Train participants to report their own scores

  5. Have some fun!


We largely a achieved our goals in this first effort.

What we learned:

  1. 28 people was too large a group.

  2. There is a wide enough range of abilities that some matchups weren’t balanced. 

  3. Some people liked the competitiveness, others did not.

  4. Many people said a key benefit was meeting and playing with new and different people.

  5. Looking at the scores, it appears that  some people improved as partners grouped performance over time.

What’s next? 

We’d like to try a different format in the early Spring. This could include:

  • Grouping cohorts of 8 players of a similar level.

  • Moving players between groups based on their cumulative scoring.

  • Possibly having separate cohorts by age, gender or couples, if there is interest.


Following are the final ranking and number of games played.

Thanks to everyone for participating.

It was fun.

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final Ranking

as of...


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