Competitive Play  

The purpose of Davis United Pickelball Players (DUPP)

is to facilitate and support pickleball play in the City of Davis. We encourage people to join our roster so we can demonstrate the growth and popularity of pickleball to the City Council and its staff. 

We also raise funds to augment the facilities, such as wind screens at the new Redwood courts, portable nets, court chalk, etc. Funds also support our website. 


To date we have not charged member dues, instead relying on tax deductible donations to our registered non-profit organization. 

Current Event

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Play Event



Summer 2022

“What’s up?”

How about another opportunity to test your Pickleball skills, meet other players and increase our Redwood windscreen fund?


“Okay, I’m interested! What’s the game?”  

A “Cinderella” team round robin series, ending in a 4 team final metal round.  


“Okay, what do mean Cinderella?”

  • Starts with random shoe shaped 👟 name cards drawn “from a hat” to create partnerships for all  matches.


“How will the drawing work?”

  • Arrangements will be made (instructions will be sent out) to half the participants. They will actually do the drawing.


“How will I know when and who to play?”

  • Match assignment will be created from the newly created teams. 

  • All players will receive an email with the assigned matches and the match assignments will be posted in the website.

  • Players (again) cooperatively set up scheduling dates, time and location of assigned matches.

  • All matches will need to be completed in 3 weeks

  • At the completion of all matches, the top 4 teams will be determined.  

  • The 4 teams with the highest scores will face off on a designated date for the last two games of the event.  These games will determine 1st-2nd-3rd and runner up places.

  • All will be invited to watch the metal round (dates and times TBA)

  • Results will be posted on the DUPP website.


“How much will I play?”

7 matches (three games to each match, so 7x3=21 games)


“How many people will be playing?”

16 players (8 teams) in each bracket. Brackets will be as consistent as we can make it in terms of skill level.

Total number of brackets will be determined by how many people sign up.


“What am I responsible for if I participate?” 


“How can I Participate?”

Spots are limited. 

Email your information (first and last name, cell #, email and snail mail address to  DUPP:,  then make a $10.00 donation to the “Redwood court wind screen fund”. Payment via Venmo: @davis_united_pickleball (other payment options by request).


Enrollment will end Sunday July 10, 2022.

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